VIDEO: Latest “G-Reco” Preview Posted

Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s long-awaited space elevator work G-Reco kicks off on ANIME-ISM, a midnight programming block of MBS, in October. Before that, a theatrical compilation of the first three episodes will be screened in 13 theaters across Japan between August 23 and September 5. A Third preview for the project has been posted.

g-reco_pv_3 by AnimeSlovenija

『ガンダム Gのレコンギスタ』ホームページを更新!PV第3弾を公開しました!そのほか劇場舞台挨拶、劇場グッズの情報を更新! (広報いぬ) #gレコ

— Gのレコンギスタ (@gundam_reco) August 15, 2014

The Asahi Shimbun has recently offered a bit of context to the series

The movie and series is set in a new timeline called the Reguild Century, which follows the Universal Century calendar originally featured in Tomino’s previous series. The story centers around a young cadet pilot involved in a mission to protect an orbital elevator tower connecting Earth and space. It is said that the series will be a story of “boy meets girl and robot.”

“Reconguista” stems from the Spanish word “Reconquista,” which refers to a 781-year period when the Iberian Peninsula was gradually reclaimed by Christian kingdoms after centuries of Islamic rule. It is also said that “G” stands for something else other than Gundam, although that has yet to be revealed.

And, there’s been plenty of tribute art being on Twitter…


— kobukuro (@kobukuro16) August 14, 2014


— ぴまん/ヨシタカ (@yoshitaka515_P) August 14, 2014

Gのレコンギスタの10分先行動画見てしまった・・・ワクワク感すごい G‐セルフも描いてたらGPシリーズのニュアンスを感じてきてしっくりして来た

— 8939 (@H939) August 13, 2014


— 栗田新一 (@Obakason) August 13, 2014


— びがぁ (@vigwer) August 13, 2014


— ケイン (@KAIN0037) August 12, 2014

Gのレコンギスタの冒頭10分見て思わず落書き〜♪人物もMSも手描き感あふれる作画が素敵でした。本編放送が待遠しい(≧∀≦) #gレコ

— yazwo (@yazwoo) August 11, 2014


— あきまん (@akiman7) August 11, 2014

ガールフレンドのいないやつのことも考えてノレドちゃんとマニィちゃんの着替えシーン描きましたので・・・ #Gレコ

— 郎女こ (@iracco) August 12, 2014

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