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Additional Character Designs for New “Tenchi Muyo” Anime Previewed

Sci-fi relationship comedy Tenchi Muyo returns this October with a 50-episode run of 5-minute shorts. Director of Tenchi Universe series and In Love movies is helming the projects and character desgns by Suzuhito Yasuda, illustrator on the Durarara!!, author on the Yozakura Quartet manga and character designer Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. Now, more of the latter’s original designs have been previewed.

The Ai Tenchi shorts will run weekdays on Tokyo MX 21:55~22:00.

Takahashi City invested in the production of this Tenchi Muyo revival.The city expects the anime to foster tourism and, along with planned DVDs, is developing related goods and events to tie into the new series. 16.84 million yen have been raised toward production and advertising costs.

【新キャラクター追加発表】 「愛・天地無用!」に登場するキャラクターを追加発表です!合わせてイントロダクションも追加しております。公式HPでチェックしてください! #ai_tenchi

— 愛・天地無用! (@ai_tenchi) August 22, 2014

Seems like they should consider calling it “Tenchi Muyo: No Need for Pants”

Tenchi Misaki

Momo Kawanagare

Beni Kinojyou


Hana Saryu

Touri Fueyama

Yuki Fuka

Rui Aoi

Ukan Kurihara

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